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LABOLINK Material Testing Laboratory

Labolink Ltd performs testing according to international standards BS, BS EN, ASTM and other relevant standards. Whether you need to verify material characteristics for application trials, detect defects, analysis failures, improve new materials or conduct basic research on the theoretical strength of materials, effective materials testing is essential. The company offers the latest material testing methods, highly experienced specialists, and state-of-the-art laboratories.


Managing Director

Mr. Yogesh Ramdhony

MASTER of Science in Engineering and Technology-2008 At St Petersburg Electrotechnical University

As the founder of Labolink Ltd, I welcome you to find out more about the company. Through precise strategies and continuous developments, Labolink Ltd has grown tremendously from a small company to a diversified specialist firm in the field of construction materials testings to ground investigation field works since 2010. Being among one of the leading firms in the civil engineering field, we strive to maintain and enhance progressive development in our skills, technologies, experiences and achieve highest quality of work to meet the stringent production demand and work requirements.

My Team

It's our belief that teamwork is an unbeaten energy resource that improves work efficiency and professional ethics, and also organizational structure and discipline strengthens staff loyalty and self-improvement. Experienced manpower in the civil engineering field as well as geotechnical field participate to demonstrate the competence of our laboratory both on a national as well as international level keeping ourselves on the competitive edge.


In order to keep a steady growth of my Company, I focus on catching the trend and identify and understand the needs of the industry and hence upholding the idea of continuous improvement, emphasis on efficiency and quality services. Although the construction industry has been facing difficult situations due to the COVID-19 lockdown and greater challenges, Labolink Ltd establish long-term development strategies to accommodate the needs of the industry. With strategic planning in business diversification, the Company will maintain sustainable growth in scope of business and keep priority on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of technical capabilities and broadening of scope of business.